Delivery Method: Face to Face Workshop (the session will not be recorded)

LEGO® Serious Play (LSP) is a facilitation methodology developed at The Lego Group – it is used extensively internally at LEGO and has rapidly spread in the last 15 years to be now used at many organisations globally. Its goal is improving creative thinking and communication. People build with Lego bricks 3-dimensional models of their ideas and tell stories about their models. Hence the name «serious play».

There are a number of uses for this methodology and it’s commonly used in a corporate environment for things like organisational change, conflict resolution and post implementation reviews. However, it’s also extremely useful in the world of startups and the method has been very successful in exposing special insights that would otherwise be totally hidden. Building with your hands unlocks parts of the brain that are otherwise not active – this is what creates it’s magical effect which really has to be experienced to be believed.

LSP draws on extensive research from business, OD, psychology and learning, based on the concept of hand-knowledge. The process is not reliant on typical verbal exchanges, but rather where people “think through their fingers” – enabling insight, inspiration and imagination.

Steve is a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Certified Facilitator and will gently lead you through the process in a way that is fun and engaging. There is no need to be familiar with Lego from your childhood, everyone gets engaged with the bricks no matter what their previous experience of building is.



Steve is an Electronic and Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Gold Coast Community connector. He is founder of Gold Coast Techspace, the Gold Coast’s very own makerspace and geek hub and Refactor, an Agile Hardware and Software consultancy. His own startup specialises in low-power, cloud connected sensors designed for low cost and secluded environments. He regularly takes part in startup education activities such as Startup OnRamp and sits on many advisor boards as technical expert.


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